Freedom and Independence for our Clients

Tailored, Custom-Designed Plan of Care

At One Matters, our professional team works alongside each client to develop a custom-designed plan of care, which allows him or her to increase their level of activity, participate in community settings and achieve a desirable, independent lifestyle.

Having worked with neurologically impaired clients for over 15 years, we’ve discovered that the best potential for a successful transition from a facility-based environment to an independent life in the greater community is achieved through a tailored, individualized program with proper guidance and supervision.

Independent, Community Living in Apartment and Home Settings

We serve our clients in a variety of independent, community living environments, ranging from apartment to home settings based upon what best meets their individual needs and preferences.

Apartment and home settings allow each client access to a safe and supportive living environment, while also providing the opportunity for greater quality of life.

Community-Based Residences

At One Matters, we believe community-based residences allow individuals the opportunity to become a viable part of his or her local community. Throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, residences are conveniently located near state-of-the-art universities, treatment centers and a wealth of community resources and recreational opportunities.


At One Matters, we provide clients their maximum level of independence while still receiving first-rate support and personal care.

>> VARIOUS LIVING ENVIRONMENTS IN APARTMENT AND HOME SETTINGS — We provide supervised independent living services in both apartment and home living environments in safe and supportive settings, depending upon each client’s individual specific needs.

>> SUPERVISION AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY/7 DAYS A WEEK — Our highly-trained and experienced mental health professionals, case managers and nurses are available on-site or on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

>> PERSONAL CARE TRAINING SERVICES FOR DAILY LIVING — Personal care training is provided for activities of daily living, including meal preparation, shopping, money management and community access.

>> RECREATIONAL SERVICES — Recreational therapy consults, membership to a local gym and personal training services are provided to our clients for promotion of a healthy lifestyle and to establish customized fitness and leisure activities.

>> TRANSPORTATION SERVICES — Availability of accessible public transportation and private transportation is provided, allowing easy access to recreation, jobs and educational programs.

>> WORKSITE SUPPORT — Our worksite support services include partnering alongside employers to assist clients in finding a job that best matches their abilities and preferences with the specified job requirements, along with coordinating job coaching and on-site job training.